"Nothing Is More Powerful Than An Idea Whose Time Has Come." ~Victor Hugo

Welcome to the SVRN Cardano stake pool!
Sleeping Natives is proud to support the Cardano™ decentralized network; an idea whose time has come...

Why Cardano?

Your time is finite

As such, its value can only ever rise. Your time is money too, but  —  denominated in $, £, €, ¥, etc.  —  its value keeps diminishing... How can this be??

Financial Control

It isn't yours to begin with. One's time is, but what it's being exchanged for belongs to another class entirely. That debt note, regarded as money, comes with strings: chiefly, the granting to its owners the ability to inflate ad-infinitum, at interest, against the value of one's time; siphoning it to themselves instead. Effectively, it is infinite, and diametrically opposed to the nature of your precious time.

Disparata Non Debent Jungi

"Dissimilar things ought not to be joined." An ancient maxim of law largely abandoned, much like the gold standard in '71. "In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation." ~ Alan Greenspan. "Banked" upon too: the knowledge scarcely anyone would even comprehend how this system works against them. Limitless supply always redounds to decreased value.

Decentralization Is Key

There is a reason central bankers and politicians detest our use of gold & cryptocurrency, but not all blockchains and cryptos are created equal! Imagine a currency that actually belongs to you - that works for you instead of you for it. Imagine its value ever increasing, in accordance with your time, rather than slowly and progressively draining it; forcing you to work ever harder just to stay where you already are.

3 Billion Unbanked; Denied An Economic Identity No More

Based on peer reviewed research

204 leading whitepapers, proven secure, & founded on first principles.

ADA (₳), named after Ada Lovelace

The currency of CardanoScroll to the next section: Hardcapped, interoperable, transparent, and inclusive.

Energy efficiency of Proof-of-Stake

Can run a node at 4W, while Proof-of-Work consumes more than Poland!

Central Banks haven't given up

'Finite', 'transparent', & 'inclusive' won't be attributes of their future blockchains.

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Ticker: SVRN
Cost: 170 ADA (the lowest allowed)
Margin: 1.6%*
*(80% of our rewards go towards the fullfilment of our projects)

Being an expert is more than understanding how a system is supposed to work. Expertise is gained by investigating why a system doesn't work.

—  Brian Redman
Having spent the past 26 years in varying positions within the IT industry, SVRN's stake pool operator, and founder of Sleeping Natives, Philip de Souza, has accrued extensive technical expertise in the fields most vital as pertains the requirements of this task.
Presently working as Central Information Architect for the official stock exchange of Germany & the EU, Deutsche Börse, and formerly in their Regulatory Reporting Hub, where he was team-lead for the FCA's certification of the exchange in a post Brexit scenario.

How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top.

Yvon Chouinard
Two of our four servers are deployed across Germany's best performing data centres, with a 99.9% uptime SLA. They're powered exclusively from 100% renewable, green energy sources, avoiding any use of CO2 polluting or nuclear power-
derived energy whatsoever. Equipped with 10 dedicated AMD Epic 7702 Cores @ 3.35 GHz each, 32 GB DDR4 ECC RAM, 1 TB SSD in RAID 10, & redundant 2.5 Gbit/s network cards, with similarly spec'd relays in the United States and elsewhere.

Crypto is as political as it gets. We’re going to reinvent the concept of money and take it out of the government’s hands and control it ourselves.

—  Charles Hoskinson, Founder of Cardano
Separation of Church & State, while nice on paper, has really only resulted in the one being subsumed by the other, where the church is of Mammon, and the State's been utterly consumed by it. Trust's been broken, yes, but now? It's no longer even required...

True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself.

Henry Miller
Our goal has long since been a commitment towards decentralization, primarily focusing on the alternative energy arena and the plight of its inventors. But even an industry as powerful as energy pales next to that of finance; the "One monopoly to rule them all."
For many years, we've known how nothing could change without a serious advancement towards monetary decentralization first, and now here it is... We believe in Cardano's longevity, so it is with pride we announce an initial pledge of 100,000 ADA!

To damage the sovereignty of the individual is to replace a community inspired by love, benevolence, and beauty by another based solely on power.

—  Anwar Sadat
Antonyms for 'SOVEREIGN' include: insignificant, nonautonomous, powerless, dependent, submissive, captive, servant, inferior, conquered, & enslaved. Sometimes, the choice behind a name is best defined by what one isn't... Hence our passion for consensus-
driven, monetary decentralization; transparent, & incorruptable. Our mission very much rests upon the dissemination of this understanding as widely as possible. Stake with us! Help our efforts to ensure its informed adoption. These powers belong to us all.

Connect the Dots

Discover Vision

Technology Liberates

About Us

Sleeping Natives is an environmental, non-profit, educational media organization dedicated to inspire, inform, and accelerate the adoption of decentralized, alternative energy & financial technologies.

We're working with a number of truly genius alternative energy inventors for whom, without exception, their number one concern has been identical: there's an undeniably urgent need for truly free markets to exist (and not just in the energy sector alone) in order for these revolutionary inventions to have any chance at competing in the marketplace, as it now stands. Again, this is a goal identified as indispensable by the very inventors of these technologies themselves (both those still with us, and those who've died in its pursuit).

The dynamics of the energy industry monopoly, while immense in and of itself, kowtows to an even larger master than the governments with which they collude, for the politicians kowtow to them just the same: the private, international central banking elite. The example set by this apex monopoly's high chief, John Pierpont Morgan Sr., with alternative energy inventor, Nikola Tesla, set the stage for what was to become the de facto example of suppression of alternative energy inventors ever since (or at least, of those seeking to provide it in a form that cannot have a meter attached to it, with its delivery thereby monetized and controlled).

At the end of the day, it's really all about control. They have it, you don't, and they'd much prefer things remain that way! It is this monetary monopoly that must be decentralized first, before any meaningful change in the energy industry can follow suit. This is precisely why we are such strong supporters of Cardano, and have dedicated ourselves to becoming a mission-based, SPO (Stake Pool Operator) for the brilliantly decentralized, Cardano network. You've a right to exchange your increasingly valuable time for an increasingly valuable asset, and why should you have it any other way?

The attributes of what passes for money aren't common knowledge (& for a reason). Help us spread this awareness & Cardano's adoption. Stake with SVRN! Your delegation will support our continued efforts towards educating the world as to the importance of decentralization, thereby safeguarding your own investment even more, all while helping us to bring these inventions into the world where they belong. Thank you for considering us, and always feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!

Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Philip, thanks for your visit! Please also visit our main site to see just how groundbreaking the changes Cardano may bring truly are.

For years, my passion's been to find a way to bring such changes into the world. Below, samples of what your delegation will help us achieve. Help us spread the word about Cardano!

Philip de Souza
(Click me!)
Founder, Sleeping Natives
SVRN Stake Pool Operator
Energy & Finance
We will communicate the importance of how these industries, under centralized control, intertwine to the detriment of society, in new and creative ways never before seen. We're even making a short about it. Engaging in a provocative way, with a spine-tingling instrumental courtesy of Depeche Mode!
Community & Governance
How should communities govern themselves, or are they rather simply "being governed", under the mere guise of political self-determination?

Is it really Left vs. Right, with both sides being 'Fed' from the same, unaccountable trough, or is it actually best defined as top-down vs. bottom-up?

Could a sufficiently advanced technology for decentralization help society recapture transparency and inclusiveness, in ways never before imagined??

The implications for an insufficient understanding of these subjects seems dire. It could be said we're witnessing the fruits of that deficit right now. Of all our projects, this one will depend on the success of the others the most.
Smart Contracts & Public Services
Imagine paying 3/4 - 4/5 less for services the government already contracts to the private sector anyway, but without all the waste, administrative bloat, and ineffiencies. Now imagine being in direct control of that as well. We are in the early stages of such a project, for which Cardano will prove essential.

Questions & answers

What is Cardano?
Cardano is a fully open-source, third generation, Proof of Stake (PoS) public blockchain platform and cryptocurrency project: the first to evolve out of a scientific philosophy and a peer-reviewed, research-first driven approach, developed through evidence-based methods. It combines pioneering technologies to provide unparalleled security and sustainability to decentralized applications, systems, and societies. Founded by the co-founder of Etherium, Charles Hoskinson, the development team consists of a large global collective of expert engineers and researchers.

From Cardano.org: Cardano exists to redistribute power from unaccountable structures to the margins – to individuals – and be an enabling force for positive change and progress. Cardano is home to the ADA (₳) cryptocurrency, which can be used to send and receive digital funds. This digital cash represents the future of money, making possible fast, direct transfers that are guaranteed to be secure through the use of cryptography.

Cardano is more than just a cryptocurrency, however, it is a technological platform that will be capable of running financial applications currently used every day by individuals, organisations and governments all around the world. The platform is being constructed in layers, which gives the system the flexibility to be more easily maintained and allow for upgrades by way of soft forks. After the settlement layer (CSL) that will run Ada is complete, a separate computing layer (CCL) will be built to handle Smart Contracts, the digital legal agreements that will underpin future commerce and business. Cardano will also run decentralised applications, or DApps, services not controlled by any single part but instead operate on a blockchain.

Its safety is mathematically proven. To learn more, please watch the following video (50 minutes):

What is Proof of Stake?
Proof of Stake (PoS) is the name given to a set of algorithms that endeavor to solve the blockchain consensus problem by restricting the forging of new blocks to nodes that have a vested interest, or stake, in the continued success of the cryptocurrency. By contrast, Bitcoin uses a Proof of Work algorithm in which nodes are required to perform a computationally very expensive task to mine a new block. The trouble with Proof of Work is that as the difficulty of mining new blocks increases, the generation of these blocks becomes limited to fewer, centralized pools that have the infrastructure to perform these tasks, which runs counter to the whole purpose of decentralization.

Cardano's Proof of Stake algorithm, the Ouroboros protocol, is a peer-reviewed and provably secure system that keeps the cryptocurrency network decentralized because the security of the blockchain doesn't depend upon being able to solve an ever-increasingly complex computational task.

What is staking?
From Cardano.org: Ada held on the Cardano network represents a stake in the network, with the size of the stake proportional to the amount of ada held. The ability to delegate or pledge a stake is fundamental to how Cardano works.

There are two ways an ada holder can earn rewards: by delegating their stake to a stake pool run by someone else, or running their own stake pool. The amount of stake delegated to a given stake pool is the primary way the Ouroboros protocol chooses who should add the next block to the blockchain, and receive a monetary reward for doing so.

The more stake is delegated to a stake pool (up to a certain point), the more likely it is to make the next block – and the rewards are shared between everyone who delegated their stake to that stake pool.

Staking (delegation) is the process by which ada holders delegate the stake associated with their ada to a stake pool. It allows ada holders that do not have the skills or desire to run a node to participate in the network and be rewarded in proportion to the amount of stake delegated.

What is a stakepool?
Stakepools are run by stakepool operators. These are network participants with the skills to reliably ensure consistent uptime of a node, which is essential in ensuring the success of the Ouroboros protocol and the Cardano network as a whole.

The protocol uses a probabilistic mechanism to select a leader for each slot, who will be expected to create the next block in the chain. The chance of a stakepool node being selected as slot leader increases proportionately to the amount of stake delegated to that node. Each time a stakepool node is selected as a slot leader and successfully creates a block, it receives a reward, which is shared with the pool delegators proportionately to the amount each member has delegated. Stakepool operators can deduct their running costs from the awarded ada, as well as specify a profit margin for providing the service.
Can I re-delegate my stake to another pool?
Yes. Delegated stake can be re-delegated to another pool at any time. Re-delegated stake will remain in the current pool until the epoch after next (from the point of re-delegation), after which your delegation preferences will be updated on the chain and your stake moved to the new stake pool. Rewards are distributed from the end of each epoch, so you’ll continue to receive rewards from your original stake pool for two epochs before your new delegation preferences are applied.
Can I spend my Ada normally?
Yes. Any Ada you have staked is not locked. You can withdraw it and spend it at any time. The only Ada that is locked is that which is pledged to the stakepool by the owners and operators. Delegating to a stakepool has no required time commitment.
How do I purchase Ada/Cardano?
There are many places to choose from! Most every cryptocurrency exchange is already selling Cardano. Our favorites are Kraken and Binance.

Buyer beware!: Not all sellers of cryptocurrencies, like Revolut, eToro, Robinhood, and now PayPal, actually make those cryptocurrencies available to you for withdrawal, utility, cold storage, or any of the many other useful features cryptocurrencies provide. They are really only offering something like a "paper ledger" investment, where the only thing you can do with it from there is sell it via their same platform.

While there also exists an easier, more direct way of buying Cardano via services like CoinSwitch, they do change more per coin for that convenience, so a proper currency exchange, like Kraken.com, will provide the best and least expensive way of obtaining it.
How do I stake my Ada with SVRN?
Important!: Delegating your stake to a staking pool should NEVER require you to send your ADA to a third party. Anyone asking or requiring you to send your ADA to them so they can 'stake' it for you is attempting to scam you.

You can delegate your stake without your ADA ever leaving your own wallet. SVRN stake pool will never ask or require you to send ADA from your wallet to any third party address.

Here is a simple video guide on delegating your stake to SVRN via the Daedalus Wallet application. In addition to many top-end hardware wallets (coming soon), you can also store and delegate your Ada using the lightweight Yoroi Wallet as well.

How to delegate to SVRN from Sleeping Natives Productions on Vimeo.


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